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TVKC Round 1

2017 TVKC Round 1 Race Report

2017 TVKC Round 1 Race Report

Theo’s first time in his new privateer livery, and a great way to start, with another podium – a well deserved 3rd against another strong field.

Theo started well in Heat 1 by working from 9th to 3rd, only to be punted off and down to 7th. He fought back strongly for the last couple of laps to finish 5th on track but his bumper had unfortunately been dropped down by the person who punted Theo off. The resulting 10s penalty dropped Theo down to 14th in the classification.

With the new livery finally fitted (thanks to the guys at Global) , in Heat 2 Theo set about trying to make up for the disappointment of Heat 1. And he certainly did that, by driving from 22nd to finish 6th. Heat 3 was more of the same, with Theo climbing 14 places to finish 4th. This qualified him to start the final in 7th, and what a tough final it was!

With the leader (Lucas Ellingham) getting off to a fantastic start and dropping the chasing pack, Theo was stuck in a group of drivers that wouldn’t work together to close the gap to Lucas. Theo boxed clever and kept himself near the front of that pack, and after several laps of to-and-fro-ing, with 2 laps to go Theo finally saw the opportunity to push someone away and break from the rest of the pack, bringing him home in a well-deserved 3rd.

All in all, a great weekend, and now we head to the start of the British Championship in strong form…

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