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Rissington SuperOne

Driver parade at Rissington Superone

Almost off to the perfect start for Theo in the British Championship Series (Super One), starting off with Pole in his group, and with a 4th and 5th place in the heats on Saturday, meaning he went into the final day sitting in 5th place overall – not bad at all for a Rookie, and the top privateer!

But things started unraveling on the Sunday when he was forced off the track twice on the opening lap of Final 1, dropping him down from 5th to 16th. But he put on a great comeback to drive back up to finish 9th – setting 2nd fastest lap in the process (fastest lap went to the driver pushing behind Theo).

Starting the main final (Final 2) in 9th, he got off to a good start. However, just after the start of the 3rd lap, he went for a move down the inside of someone but the door was shut on him and he was launched and fired hard into the tyre barriers. He got going straight away, in last place (34th), and he drove brilliantly to come back up to 29th with a damaged kart and painful injuries, only to be demoted to last again after receiving a 10s penalty for a dropped down bumper which occurred when he went head first into the barriers! To make things worse, he had injured both hands, one foot and his stomach in the accident but had soldiered on to try and salvage some points.

The medics on the scene suspected that he may have a couple of fractures to his hand and wrist, so Theo finished the day very distraught at the possibility that he’d be sidelined for weeks. But thankfully, over the last couple of days, we believe he’s been lucky and only sustained a sprained wrist! Phew!!

A huge thanks to all those that continually support, advise and sponsor us. This year, we hope to pay you back for all your help!

So, looking at the positives, we can now prepare for the 2nd round of Super One knowing that we have everything it takes to take it to the top teams and drivers…

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