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First Win At Clay Pigeon

Clay Pigeon

Theo’s first ever weekend at Clay Pigeon resulted in his 2nd ever win! As if that wasn’t good enough, we had one of the best family weekends whilst racing, thanks to such a great venue and people (see below).

Having never seen the circuit before Theo was fast from his very first session, and with each session he got faster and faster.

Sunday Raceday results:
* Fastest in practice
* Heat 1, 5th to 1st
* Heat 2, 8th to 1st
* Heat 3, 14th, to 18th (got caught behind an incident on the first lap) to 3rd.
* Final, started on Pole, a flag-to-lights victory.
This may sound easy, but it was anything but as he was kept honest by some strong competition!

Anyway, I would really like to commend Clay Pigeon Kart Club on what a great job they’re doing! Not only is the track itself great, but the club works very hard to make it an enjoyable venue to race at and for everything to run smoothly. There are several things that other clubs should take note of, mainly:
1) The club house offers good viewing of all the circuit, and is easy for the mechanics and supporters to get to in time for the race.
2) The officiating and scrutineering is stringent, yet fair. Just what you need to promote close, clean and fair racing.
3) The atmosphere is fantastic because EVERYONE is so nice (club staff and drivers/families)!
4) The club provide a commentary of each race, that is then recorded (along with live timing) and made available online afterwards.
5) Karts are allowed to run cameras during the racing. It’s even encouraged!
6) The catering in the club house is really good! I highly recommend the Jenson burger! 🙂

We really wish the place was closer so that we could race there more often!

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