Theo takes 2nd place in only his 2nd Honda Cadet race at Buckmore Park!

Working with Alex Ley, Theo qualified on Pole.
Theo led Heat 1 right up to the last lap where a mistake dropped him down to 2nd.
Starting in P2 for the Pre-Final, the wrong gearing saw him struggle, but he managed to finish 3rd.
In the final, it was mostly a close 6-way race with positions changing constantly, but with a couple of laps to go Theo emerged in 2nd. Trying to time his pass for the lead, he got confused by the lap count board so had left it too late to make his challenge, hence he had to settle for 2nd place, but at least he claimed fastest lap of the day.

All in all, an enjoyable Dad, Lad and Mum weekend spent with some friends.

Looking forward to going back to Buckmore Park to claim the top step!