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Bayford Meadows

Theo takes 2nd place again at Bayford Meadows, moving him up to 2nd position in the Championship. So what started off as a stressful weekend ended up quite well!

The first couple of sessions during Saturday practice weren’t great, as we were nowhere near the pace we should have been. Was it the crazy setup we were trying, or the new seat we’d fitted in a new position? After a drastic setup change for the 3rd session, we were back where we should have and been and just started getting faster and faster from there – again, getting within 0.1s of the lap record.

We therefore started Sunday on a positive note, and Theo worked well with fellow competitor Callum Gunning in Quali, with them both being in the top 3 throughout the session, but as they came up to a back marker Theo positioned himself badly meaning that he had nowhere to go but off the track, costing him the last 2 laps – hence dropping him down to 4th.

Starting the 1st pre-final in 4th, Theo finished 3rd.
Starting the 2nd pre-final in 3rd, Theo finished 2nd.
This meant he started the final in 3rd, but could he go one better and take his first victory at Bayford? Not quite!

A tough 4-way battle saw many changes of position until Theo emerged in 2nd and then pushed 1st place Max Herbert away until the flag. But Theo had done enough to jump up a position in the championship, putting him in 2nd. He got fastest lap of the day too!

Anyway, a big thanks go to Dan Parker at ZipKart for fitting Theo’s new seat at such short notice, and for Roy at R3 Technology for the new lasers that helped me ensure that the kart was straight for the weekend. Thanks also to Paul Babington for more of the usual excellent photography!

Thanks also to Callum for working so well with Theo, and well done for also moving up a position in the championship!

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