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A Character Building But Ultimately Good First Weekend at Bayford

Honda Cadet kart

It was a character-building weekend for us this weekend, but Theo dug deep and managed to finish 8th overall – a fantastic result for his first ever race at Bayford Meadows, against a very strong field!

Saturday Practice proved to be one of our toughest days in karting so far. With so many serious kart issues, Theo started over-driving to compensate – something you get punished hard for at Bayford! But we got it all together for the last session, and he lit up showing front-running pace!

Onto race day, and for Qualifying the weather caught us out! It started raining on the dummy grid so we put on full wets. Theo started strongly, featuring as high as 2nd at one point, but as the track dried he dropped like a stone to 18th. If it had carried on raining we would have had a great result, but the weather just went the other way unfortunately.

The first pre-final didn’t go to plan either as Theo was on slicks and was surrounded by people on inters, so he ended up finishing a position down in 19th.

But the second pre-final was where he turned it around! He drove fantastically to cut through the field and drive from 19th to 9th.

This meant that he started the Grand Final in 15th, but again, he went into Maximum Attack mode and carved his way through to finish 8th overall (and so nearly 6th!).

A massive thanks to the Whiteheads for running us all weekend. We couldn’t have done it without them! They persevered through all the trials and tribulations, and we were all pleased with the result in the end.

(Photos courtesy of Paul Babington Photography)

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