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A Bleak but Beautiful Few Days at Rowrah

Karting at Rowrah

Is Rowrah always cold?

We’ve only been once before, as it’s too far for us to travel to do club meetings (a journey time of 5 hours plus). Our previous visit must have been around May/June time last year, and even then it was bitterly cold.   Is this what Cumbria is like? It’s incredibly beautiful but seems to be so chilly!  Also, because the track is at the bottom of an abandoned quarry it somehow seems to channel the wind so that it’s freezing cold and mighty windy whatever the weather is everywhere else.

Of course the fact that it’s only just above freezing and we had to drive through snow to get here doesn’t make it any warmer, but my goodness that wind, it’s enough to knock you off your feet, and nearly did a few times!

We were supposed to have 2 days testing, but our teammate bailed on us half way through day 1 (too cold apparently) and Fusion who were testing there the following day decided not to come back when torrential rain was forecast either.

Disappointing, as we were looking forward to testing a Synergy chassis in the wet. Still it wasn’t worth hiring the track just so that Theo could pound round the track by himself for a whole day (although he was very keen to still do that) so we hit the M1 and drove all day in horrible traffic instead to try and get through the traffic and make it to Whilton Mill for testing in the evening!

Not the most successful few days, but the driving we did get done was really quick and Theo beat the times that the Hondas did the previous weekend in similar conditions, so that’s got to be good!

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